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This is a list of locations in California with all weather tracks This is always a work in progress. Feel free to add what you know to the page.

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Alternative high schools

Public schools

ABC Unified School District

Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District

Alhambra Unified School District

Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools

Antelope Valley Union High School District

Arcadia Unified School District

Azusa Unified School District

Baldwin Park Unified School District

Bassett Unified School District

Bellflower Unified School District

Beverly Hills Unified School District

Bonita Unified School District

Burbank Unified School District

Centinela Valley Union High School District

Charter Oak Unified School District

Claremont Unified School District

Compton Unified School District

Covina-Valley Unified School District

Culver City Unified School District

Downey Unified School District

Duarte Unified School District

El Monte Union High School District

El Rancho Unified School District

El Segundo Unified School District

Glendale Unified School District

Glendora Unified School District

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

Inglewood Unified School District

La Cañada Unified School District

Las Virgenes Unified School District

Long Beach Unified School District

Lynwood Unified School District

Manhattan Beach Unified School District

Montebello Unified School District

Monrovia Unified School District

Norwalk - La Mirada Unified School District

Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

Paramount Unified School District

Pasadena Unified School District

Pomona Unified School District

Redondo Beach Unified School District

Rowland Unified School District

San Gabriel Unified School District

San Marino Unified School District

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

South Pasadena Unified School District

Temple City Unified School District

Torrance Unified School District

Walnut Valley Unified School District

West Covina Unified School District

Whittier Union High School District

William S. Hart Union High School District

Other districts

Honorable Mentions

Hal Connely Throwing Center at West Los Angeles College in Culver City. There now is an All Weather Track on the other side of the campus, and four cages and a landing area for Hammer and Discus training, which is harder to find than a decent track. The new throwing area is nearing completion--I hope to get pictures of it soon.

Aerial Photo Almansor Park, Alhambra is a large, city park, surrounded by all weather surfaced paths.

Aerial Photo Evergreen Jogging Path, East Los Angeles is a sidewalk wide all weather path that goes around a square (but certainly not flat) section of East Los Angeles. Actually what it goes around is the Evergreen Cemetary just down the street from my favorite East L.A. Mexican Restaurant. It seems to be just short of a mile and a half around, with driveways and utility boxes interrupting the surface occasionally.

Aerial Photo Tanaka Park, Long Beach is a small, narrow, city park, surrounded by an all weather surfaced path.

Aerial Photo

Mike Powell SS (Edgewood High School, West Covina) Agoura Hills (See also Westlake Village and Ventura County)

Agoura High School August 2001 No No Thousand Oaks Blvd. at Argos St., 1 block East of Kanan Blue. This track has an extra 9th lane about 1 1/2 feet wide filling the space from lane 8 to the fence. At least it gives them somewhere to put the soccer bench and hurdles--don't try to run this lane. ! Has barricades but I haven't seen them used--it is nicely lit at night. One of the runways has disintegrated, the other runways and lane 1 are now showing very bad deterioration. This doesn't appear to be related to consistent wear as much as poor (inconsistent) installation being aggrivated by normal use.

Deena (Drossin) Kastor South 8 100m Aerial Photo 900 ft. Arcadia

Arcadia High School No No

Duarte west of Santa Anita Host of perhaps the best mid-season High School Invitational in the country, yet they have to conduct it with cones in place of a curb. West 9 100m Aerial Photo 425 ft. Azusa/Glendora (see also Pomona)

These two tracks are barely 1/4 mile apart but are technically in different cities. Azusa is West, Citrus in Glendora is East

Azusa Pacific University 2006 (Yes) metal Adjustable Inside

Citrus Avenue at Foothill, Azusa I had reported there was no curb, apparently the metal curb is removed out of track season and is replaced each year at least when they have meets. Entrance to the track is over a bridge from the parking lot. Not only a full discus and hammer cage, but a separate cage for Weight Throw. Tartan APS

Bryan Clay GS, Innocent Egbunike B East 8 84.5m Aerial Photo 625 ft. Citrus College Yes metal Adjustable Inside

Barranca north of Alosta, Glendora Built into an artificial dirt bowl that holds the steep stands and fills the east end of the stadium. Finish line offset 10m. Backstretch marked for sprints and hurdles in reverse. ! They have high fences and/or razor wire around most of this track--quite dangerous Stadium website link with photos. Separate discus and Hammer Cages. Steeplechase finishes on backstretch. 2 companies claim this as a reference. Zaino/SRI East 9 100m Aerial Photo 625 ft. Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens High School 2005 No No

Jaboneria St. where it ends at Watcher St. Finish line offset 10m. Lane 9 is very close to the fencing. Fake Grass infield. Note the long straightaways and tight turns. East 9 108m Aerial photo

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park High School Ron Brown G

Bassett High School

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills High School 1999 No No

Olympic Blvd, 1 block East of Century Park East This is a square track, meaning 4 normal circumference turns and 4 distinct straightaways. There is an unused 9th lane on sprint straight. Southwestern Eurotan South 8 Aerial Photo 250 ft. Burbank

Burbank High School 2009 No No

N. Glen Oaks Blvd. south of Deleware Rd. With a 7th lane on sprint straight. Fake Grass infield. Northwest 6 98m Aerial photo

Burroughs High School Ron Morris S


Calabasas High School 2002 No No

Mullholland Hwy, east of Parkway Calabasas East 6 97m Aerial Photo Canyon Country See Santa Clarita


California State University, Dominguez Hills (Home Depot Center) May 2003 Yes metal Adjustable, inside

Perimeter Rd. north of University Drive The new Olympic Training Facility. Dual start/finish lines though south seems to be the primary the first international invitational meet used the north. Relays and Steeplechase finish south. !Security is high right now, and gates are still locked. Mondo North/South 9 82m Aerial Photo Cerritos/Norwalk

Cerritos College Redone 2006 Yes Adjustable Inside

Studebaker entrance at Falcon Way, south of Alondra or East entrance on Alondra Blue. Cerritos College technically is in Norwalk. An AW track has been here since the 1970's, was resurfaced in the mid-90's) 9L Frequent host of many meets including the annual CIF State meet, the National Championships and the most succesful meet I've ever hosted. ! Campus rent-a-cops don't like the public on campus, your car will attract their attention. Entirely redone in 2006 with a Fake Grass infield and outside the oval too. Nothing horticultural in the stadium. Mondo North 9 94m Aerial Photo 70 ft. Gahr High School 1995 No No

Artesia and Studebaker Finish line offset 10m. No fudge room here, the edge of the surface ends at the lane line of lane 9, the exposed subsurface has a lip in some places. Southwestern Seal Flex South 9 92m Aerial Photo 50 ft. Liberty Park 2004 No No

Studebaker Road, South of South St. A short track in a public park. North 4 m Aerial Photo Claremont see Pomona


Centennial High School 2002 No No

El Segundo and Central ! High spiked fencing makes it difficult to get into. Inner curb raises the track. This is another imperial track built in the new millenium. Since we "officially" no longer conduct meets in imperial distances, building this as an imperial track was an expensive act of stupidity. The old 220y straightaway still exists and was paved in the AW installation. The track is in the SW corner of the campus. South, Imperial 9 96m Aerial Photo 65 ft. Compton Community College 2003 Yes metal Adjustable, Inside

Santa Fe and Artesia Beautiful new track with complete facilities for everything. The one visible drawback to this location is their apparent inability to grow grass.

Charles Dumas, Jeanette Bolden, Ken Carpenter South 9 100m Aerial Photo 50 ft. Compton High School No No

Oleander and Cocoa, one block north of Alondra Blue It is nice to take this off the Bottom Ten. They have resurfaced the formerly damaged, repair pocked track. In the process, they removed the formerly legal curb. In order to fit 9 lanes, the lanes are exceptionally narrow. ! High spiked fencing makes it difficult to get into.

Ulis C. Williams North 9 100m Aerial Photo 55 ft. Dominguez High School 2002 No No

Artesia and Hunsaker ! High spiked fencing makes it difficult to get into. Inner curb raises the track. This is another imperial track built in the new millenium. Since we "officially" no longer conduct meets in imperial distances, building this as an imperial track was an expensive act of stupidity just like Centennial above. The remains of the old dirt track continue past the end of the finish chute. South, Imperial 9 101m Aerial Photo 55 ft.

Covina Charter Oak High School

Culver City

Culver City High School January 2001 No No

St. Nicholas Ave. east of Braddock Dr. Installed the first week of 2001 Southwestern South 8 100m Aerial Photo 50 ft. West Los Angeles College (WLAC) 2005 Yes metal Adjustable Inside

Overland and Freshman Dr., east of Jefferson 10 lanes on the homestretch. Backstretch also marked for sprints. Throws are on the other side of the campus at the Hal Connely Throwing Center, no Javelin runway (anymore). Fake grass infield used for Arena Football practice. Mondo South 9 84m Aerial Photo 90 ft. Diamond Bar see Pomona and Walnut and Chino in Riverside County


Downey High School 2005 No No

Birchdale Ave. south of 5th St. North of Lakewood and Firestore

Cal Tracks East 9 100m Aerial Photo 100 ft. Warren High School 2005 No No

Paramount opposite Brookmill Rd., south of Firestone

Cal Tracks East 9 100m Aerial Photo 100 ft.

Duarte Duarte High School


Jack Davis (Hoover High School) Crescenta Valley High School 2006 Yes metal No

Ramsdell Ave at the 210 Freeway (north east side), La Crescenta area Around a fake grass infield. Sprint straight marked for both directions (reverse finishes at 90m). A new high school track with a real metal curb. Cal Tracks Rekortan S Northwest 8 95m Aerial Photo 1440 ft. Glendale Community College 2005 No Adj. Inside

N. Verdugo Rd. (Glendale Ave.) and E. Mountain St. On its own terrace on the hillside. Shotput on a lower terrace on the south end. Enter through the tunnel--you have to go up hill opposite the finish line. ! Parking on the campus is minimal and enforced. Park across Verdugo Rd. down hill from the track. Sprints/hurdlesalso marked both directions on sprint straight, to finish at the 100m start. Mondo


8 102m Aerial Photo 760 ft. Glendale High School 2006 Yes metal No

Colorado Blvd and Campus Notable for the wide turns. 8 lanes on the sprint straight. Wide apron for horizontal jumps on the west side of the stadium. Around a fake grass infield. A new high school track with a metal curb. Cal Tracks Rekortan S

Frank Wykoff GGG, Dwight Stones BB South 6 79.5m Aerial Photo 580 ft. Glendora listed with Azusa (and Pomona)


Serra High School 2001 No No

Marine and Van Ness ! Campus is protected by barb wire fences. The chute is on the opposite side of the track from the common finish, but all straightaway markings conform to the common finish.


8 106m Aerial Photo 45 ft. Hawthorne

Hawthorne High School 2002 No No

Sundale and Broadway near Inglewood and El Segundo An inner curb raises the track. Sprints/Hurdles run on backstretch where the chute is. Finish line offset 10m. Mike Marsh North 8 100m Aerial Photo 70 ft. Inglewood see also Hawthorne, Lawndale and Culver City

Inglewood High School January 2002 No No

Between Inglewood and Cedar, Kelso and Hillcrest Separate location not on the High School Campus. Extra space (like a half a lane) next to the stands on straights and part of the north turn (narrowing to nothing at a concrete box at the center). South 8 102m Aerial Photo 80 ft. Morningside High School November 2001 No No

107th St. and Yukon ! New, imposing spike fences protect the track in this notorious neighborhood--the school grounds are not protected in the same manner. East 8 100m Aerial Photo 75 ft. La Canada/Flintridge

The following two tracks are within a couple hundred yards of each other.

La Canada High School 2003 No No

Foothill Blvd. and Oak Grove Dr. Surrounding a fake grass infield, finish line offset 10m. Sprints and hurdles marked to run reverse on home stretch out of the chute. This is the southernmost of the two tracks South 9 100m Aerial Photo 1120 ft. St. Francis High School 2004 No No

Foothill Blvd. near Oak Grove Dr. Surrounding a fake grass infield, finish line offset 10m. Non-standard length track fits available space. This is the northern of the two tracks. South 6 100m Aerial Photo 1135 ft. Lakewood

Artesia High School 2008 No No

Del Amo Blvd. andNorwalk Blvd. Surrounding a natural grass infield South 8 97m Aerial Photo La Mirada

Biola University 2004 No No

On campus between Biola Ave. and LaMirada Blvd. north of Rosecrans and south of Imperial This now takes the award for the stupidest facility built yet. First, it is not the right distance and is thus not a suitable competition facility. But considering what was already done to make this facility work, the minimal extra effort to make this into a suitable competition venue should have been completed. Frankly, it doesn't feel flat either. Worse yet, most (but not all) track markings are imperial. The 110H are marked, but the last 10m do not exist. The 440 hurdles are apparently marked relative to the start line, but the 4x100 appears to be marked relative to the finish line with no marked start line. Turns are broken-back, multi-radius. This is frequently lit at night and gets heavy walker/jogger usage and is already showing wear. South Non-Standard 3 91.5m Aerial Photo La Mirada High School Nov. 2004 No Yes, inside

Foster Road east of Adelta This is the is the first high school I have seen recently built with a steeplechase water jump--probably because Biola did not construct a regulation facility around the corner. There is a huge, unmarked chute (high jump pad) beyond the finish line--I estimate 198 meters of straightaway. Hurdles marked both directions from different start lines on home stretch. West 8 85m Aerial Photo Lancaster

Antellope Valley College Resurf. 1999 No Yes, inside grass

30th Street W and K Street--on west side of campus There is a curb here, covered in AW surface material, but it never reaches a height that would make it legal. A curious thing about both tracks in Lancaster. Both have similar markings and both are wrong. Click picture to see details. One probably duplicated the other. South, Imperial 8 102m Aerial Photo Quartz Hill High School Yes No

60th Street W and L Street--on east side of school Actually has a concrete curb that is legal or close to it in most places. Has lots of patch marks from repairs. This also markings that are wrong. Click picture to see details. Black South, Imperial 9 102m Aerial Photo La Puente

La Puente High School 2006 No No

Glendora Ave. south of Temple Ave. Enter school grounds from Hacienda Blvd. Surrounding a fake grass infield. Long chutes make for almost 180m of straightaway. Pull up and paralell bars built into surface next to finish chute. Cal Track Rekortan S East 8 100m Aerial Photo 325 ft. La Verne see also Pomona

Bonita High School, La Verne Sports Park 1999 No No

D St. and Outward Way--West of N. White Ave. Looks old, though reported to be resurfaced in 1999. Major repair in the west turn, plus some other cut out patches. An inner curb raises the track. There is a 10th lane on the east turn, indicative of a conversion from imperial to metric. Also a chute but no calibrated lines on backstretch. No sign of a discus area. Southwestern Seal Flex East 9 100m Aerial Photo University of La Verne Yes concrete

Adjustable Inside

1st Street and B Street Some repairs have been made and others are needed (marked by spraypaint). Curb may not be a full 5cm everywhere but its close enough. No curb through the entire steeplechase area. Steeplechase finishes on backstretch. ! Has barricades and uses them. Lane 8 seems to be the hurdle storage area. South 8 98m Aerial Photo Lawndale see also Hawthorne, Inglewood and Carson

Lawndale High School 2002 No No

Inglewood and Marine Formerly this location was called Lloyde High School. They then closed High School, turned it into an Adult Education Center and removed the original track. This new track is a different location. The previous turf area here was pockmarked with all sorts of holes and weeds. The new turf is remarkably smooth, natural grass. Lots of construction still going on here. ! Imposing fences guard the campus East 9 100m Aerial Photo 50 ft. Leuzinger High School 2002 No No

Avis and Rosecrans (1 block west of Prarie) Long 109m straights, thus short, tight turns ! Imposing fences guard the campus East 8 109m Aerial Photo 45 ft. Long Beach

Andrea Anderson G (Poly High School), Mike Tully S (Millikan High School), Kate Schmidt BB (Wilson High School)

California State University, Long Beach Resurf. 1999 Yes metal Adjustable H, Inside

Atherton entrance, near The Pyramid I'm told they are now locking this at night, otherwise this is a very friendly place. An AW track here dates at least to the 70's. They have barriers, but I have never seen them in place. Southwestern Eurortan North 8 98m Aerial Photo 15 ft. Long Beach City College Resurf. 2004 Yes concrete Yes, kept in storage

Lew Davis Street and Clark ! Locked behind fences (that are difficult to climb because of the slats in the chain link holes) with nasty "No Trespassing" signs. Stadium management says the public is not welcome here. Steeplechase finishes in opposite direction. Concrete curb. Originaly Southwestern Martin ISS, now Cal Track Rekortan Overlay

Kate Schmidt South 9 91m Aerial Photo 35 ft. Los Angeles--City of

Since Los Angeles is so large, look for the general district notation. Also, many of the small cities listed in Los Angeles County fit in between areas of the monstorous Los Angeles City. LAUSD and LACCD schools are included even though they might not politically be within the city limits of Los Angeles. LAUSD has made a recent habit of assigning generic names to high schools that evolve different names, plus many schools now have added different structures which include renaming. This list tries to stay with the traditional, more abbreviated names.

Note: Many Los Angeles area tracks were created as training facilities before the 1984 Olympics. USC, CSLA, CSUN, Birmingham, SMCC, ELAC, LASW and Rancho Cienega to name a few.

Sherri Howard G, Denean Howard S (Kennedy High School), Danny Everett GB (Fairfax High School), Cornelius Johnson G (Los Angeles High School), Allyson Felix GSS (LA Baptist High School), Quincy Watts GG (Taft High School), Cliff Bourland G (Venice High School) 92nd Street Elementary School 2000 No No f (Track near) 95th and Grape Square 133m with relay zones marked for a 3 lap 4x100 Cal Track Cal Trax IMF East 3 Aerial Photo ! Ahmanson Training Center 2000 No No

83rd and Osage. Westchester/LAX area ! This is the Police Training Academy and not open to the public. I am not sure of the distance of this rectangular track (four straightaways, two shorter than the others), it is definitely shorter than 400m. There are three painted lines but so far I can make no sense of the distance between start/finish lines--I have yet to get a measuring tape out there. There is a notable peak (thus an incline and decline) in the middle of each straight (all four). Lots of additional AW areas surfaced (obviously for police training purposes, not running). Southwestern Eurotan East 4 Aerial Photo 85 ft. Banning High School 2002 No No

Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and Normandie--Wilmington/Harbor area Now done with 6 lanes all the way around, 7.5 from the 200 start (including a strange partial lane). Finish line offset 10m. Southwestern

Tonie Campbell South 6 98m Aerial Photo 20 ft. Birmingham High School Resurf. 1989/2006 Yes metal/plast. No Victory and Balboa--Van Nuys/Valley area ! Very friendly to runners until it closes, then it is locked behind multiple tall fences (weekends and after 10 p.m.) Originally built in 1982. ! Has barricades but rarely uses them. Tartan APS East 8 97m Aerial Photo 725 ft. Brentwood School 2002 No No

Sunset Blvd. and Barrington Place--Brentwood Area (hills north of West Los Angeles) There is a dirt warm up lane around the outside, wide enough for two more lanes. Obviously the width was due to economics at this small private school. ! High security at this campus. Full time guard to keep you away and they are serious. Finish offset 8m. South 6 98m Aerial Photo California State University, Los Angeles (CSLA) Resurf. 1991 (Yes) metal Stationary Inside

Southwest corner of the campus near 10/710 interchange--East L.A. area They apparently remove the curb outside of the track season. The stadium recently underwent some renovation though the track was not affected.. Steeplechase finishes in the opposite direction. Southwestern Rekortan North 8 98m Aerial Photo 480 ft. California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Resurf. 1995 Yes metal Adjustable, Outside South of Lassen, Lindley and Halsted--Northridge/Valley area I have a photo layout of this track as I explain how a track is marked. See the whole article. Previously claimed by Southwestern Martin ISS Repairs by Zaino Current surfacing by Tartan APS

Valerie Brisco-Hooks GGGS, Alice Brown GGS South 9 100m Aerial Photo 910 ft. Chaminade High School 1998 No No Chaminade Ave. off Strathmore--West Hills/Valley area 373.4m makes for some strange calibrated start lines scattered along the home stretch. The lane lines are blue here to match school colors. Southwestern Eurotan East non-standard 6 81m Aerial Photo 840 ft. Crenshaw High School 2008 No No

50th St. and 8th Avenue--Crenshaw District 

Surrounding a fake grass infield

Johnny Gray South m Aerial Photo East Los Angeles College (ELAC) 1982 redone2003 (Yes) Adjustable Inside

Caesar Chavez Blvd./East L.A. area The previously criticized, badly damaged track here has been removed and replaced with a beautiful new track with fake grass infield. I finally found they do have a curb. It is nicely stored on top of a stack of storage containers down the tunnel. Mondo West

8 99m Aerial Photo 300 ft. Fairburn Elementary School 2000 No No

Rochester & Westholme, north of Ohio Westwood area near Beverly Hills about 12.5 laps to a mile, triangular shape with a playground in the middle. Four narrow lanes and tight turns, I can't make sense of the calibrated start lines. Cal Track Cal Trax IMF East 4 Aerial Photo Garfield High School was erroneously reported. When I visited it was still dirt

Granada Hills High School 2006 No No

Zelzah Ave. and Hiawatha Street, 1 block north of Devonshire--Granada Hills/Valley area, just north of CSUN The first fake grass infield in the L.A. School District. This was paid for by a huge donation from Alum/NFL Great John Elway whose name is on the stadium. ! Locked behind multiple tall fences with signs that warn of video surveilance. West 8 97m Aerial Photo 1000 ft. Harvard-Westlake High School 2004 No No Coldwater Canyon S. of Ventura Blvd. Studio City/Valley area This has been redone completely, with a new track and a new fake grass infield. Gone are the goofy partial lanes and the sinkholes. No start chute, 110m hurdles finish on a different finish line in the finish chute. North 6 98m Aerial Photo 690 ft. Huntington Park High School 2009 No No

East Slauson Avenue and Miles Avenue-- Technically in Huntington Park but part of LAUSD Long straightaways. A ninth lane on sprint straight and most of the back stretch, but not on the turns. Surrounding a fake grass infield. East 8 106m Aerial Photo Jefferson High School 2009 No No

Hooper Avenue at Martin Luther King Blvd--South of Central L.A.. Wide turns surrounding a natural grass infield

Mal Whitfield GGGSB, Charles Dumas G South 8 55m Aerial Photo Jordan High School 2009 No No

103rd Street west of Alameda Street--Watts. Surrounding a natural grass infield

Kevin Young G, Florence Griffith-Joyner GGGSS East 8 100m Aerial Photo Robert F. Kennedy High School 2010 No No

S. Catalina Street and 8th Street--Koreatown 2 blocks south of Wilshire Blvd. This was the Ambassador Hotel, converted to a high school. The track is square, non-standard with no calibration lines except for the finish line. Some extra surface around edged. Built on top of a parking garage, surrounding a fake grass field with a backstop in each corner, next to concrete basketball courts. !High Security fencing. West 4 Aerial Photo L.A. Harbor College 2006 No No

Lagoon Dr. just west of Figueroa Place which paralells the 110 south of PCH Harbor/Lomita area Out of stupidity came another track. There was a dirt track here that was ruined by their need to expand an adjacent soccer field, chopping off the end of the track. That lasted a few years. Now a proper track has been constructed here. !Fine mesh fencing and security patrols make this very unfriendly. East

8 85m Aerial Photo 15 ft. L.A. Memorial Coliseum

Yes Yes

Coliseum Drive and Menlo Avenue, just north of Martin Luther King Blvd. between Vermont and Hoover (south of Exposition) Home of the 1932 and 1984 Olympics, then removed to make more space for the Raiders football games. The Raiders then vacated the stadium leaving the stadium without its historic track. /font> East 8 m Aerial Photo L.A. Police Academy

No No

Academy Rd. east of Elysian Parkway Paved 200y track with narrow lane lines. No calibrated start or finish lines. Asphalt

6 Aerial Photo L.A. Southwest College 2007 Orig. 1983 Yes* metal/plast. Stationary Inside

Imperial and Western--Athens/South Central area near Inglewood the previous, badly abused Mondo track was replace with a new Mondo track and ! High Security fencing. Patrols also watch the track regularly. Even the track team has difficulty using the facility. Mondo South 8 94m Aerial Photo 160 ft. L.A. Valley College 2006 No?* Adjustable Inside

Hatteras and Coldwater Canyon, north of Burbank Blvd.--Valley Village area Striped. This is to become the premiere track in Southern California. 10 lanes of alternating stripes (2 lanes wide) surrounding a fake grass infield. West finish, but curiously the wind direction in this area of the valley usually goes that way. Most field events except vertical jumps are outside the oval. I haven't found javelin facilities yet, discus and hammer are on a small field with only about 180 feet to the fences. No curb installed (yet?) !!This track has some of the most intense, prison like, high, angled fencing protecting it. They look like they will protect it from public usage at all costs. Mondo West 10 84m Aerial Photo 665 ft. Locke High School 2002 No No

107th and San Pedro--Watts/South Central area Black with blue lane lines. 10m offset finish line ! they have been extremely creative in making their fences inaccessable. There are no stadium lights here--they don't plan on holding any events at night.

Valerie Brisco-Hooks East 8 100m Aerial Photo 95 ft. Loyola High School resurf 2006

No No

Venice and Normandie, just west of downtown Blue. Extra long straightaways and narrower turns resurfaced by Cal Track Rekortan Overlay West 6 108m Aerial Photo Marshall High School 2010 No No St. George Street and Griffith Park Blvd.--Los Feliz area They took what was a square, short track and by removing a street through campus, built a proper track and fake grass football field.

m Aerial Photo Occidental College 1983 (Yes) metal Adjustable Inside

Campus Rd. and Westdale--Eagle Rock area near Glendale and Pasadena Extra wide turns and short straightaways. It has been resurfaced since its original installation. After track season, the curb and steeplechase are kept in storage. ! Instead of barricades, they apparently place hurdles and steeplechase barriers on the track to force runners to the outer lanes. Security patrols frequently for unauthorized usage outsides of normal hours. Here's the school's website. North 8 66m Aerial Photo 550 ft. Overland Avenue Elementary School

No No

Putney Road, south of Manning Avenue and Ashby Street, just east of Overland Avenue An undersized 3-lane elementary school track. I estimate it at 110 meters with tight turns. South 3 m Aerial Photo Narbonne High School 2007 No No

S. Western Avenue and 247th Street--Harbor City area Still with a natural grass infield. The track is Blue but field event runways are normal orange. West 8 100m Aerial Photo Notre Dame High School 2003 No No

Woodman and Riverside, Sherman Oaks area The track still goes behind the stands. West 8 85m Aerial Photo 650 ft. Palisades High School 2008

No No

Temescal Canyon Road and Bowdoin Street, between Sunset Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades area just west of Santa Monica

South m Aerial Photo Rancho Cienega Park, Jackie Robinson Stadium Resurf. 1997 No No Rodeo Road east of La Brea--Crenshaw District A rare All Weather track at a public park. Frequently lit at night (lots of soccer in the infield), this is the most used track in Southern California. Southwestern Eurotan North 6 85m Aerial Photo Ribet Academy 2002 No No

San Fernando Rd. at the 2 Freeway, Glassell Park area 330.3m broken back track with the sharpest corners I have seen on a competitive track--the turns add about 2-3 seconds to a 400, in other words not suitable for competition. 12m offset finish line needed (because the sprinters need room to stop). Some marks on the track must be mismarked. Pronounce the name in your best basso profundo and you will know why the team mascot is the Toads. South Non-Standard 5 106m Aerial Photo San Pedro High School 2000 No No

West 17th and Alma--San Pedro Harbor area The new stadium here is a major improvement from the 4 lane square track that used to be here. South 8 Aerial Photo 125 ft. Santee High School 2005 No No 23rd St. and Maple--Downtown area Brand new high school campus built into the location of a former dairy. High Jump pad next to the stands, not in the oval. Interesting both the field event runways seem to go uphill. Finish line offset 10m. ! Tall fences make this difficult to get into. West 9 100m Aerial Photo Sunrise Elementary School Old No No

E. 7th west of Euclid Avenue--East L.A. Normal shaped paved track inside an elementary school Asphalt East 4 Aerial Photo University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Resurf. Nov. 1999 Yes Adjustable Inside Sunset Blvd. east of Gayley--Westwood area Dates at least to the 1970's. Replacing Rekortan which resurfaced in 1991, 1995 and 1999. The new installation reshaped the track, widening the turns significantly. See the website. Southwestern Martin ISS

Jackie Joyner-Kersee GGGSB, Gail Devers GGG, Evelyn Ashford GGGGS, Florence Griffith-Joyner GGGSS, Janeene Vickers B, Danny Everett GB, Kevin Young G, Ato Bolden SBBB, Mike Marsh GGS, Benny Brown G, Millard Hampton GS, Maxie Parks G, Mike Larrabee GG, Joanna Hayes G, Jeanette Boldon G, Kate Schmidt B, Rafer Johnson GS, Yang Chuan-Kwang S, Mebrahtom Keflezighi S, Mike Tully S, Greg Foster S, Kate Schmidt BB, Craig Dixon B, Dawn Harper G, Sheena Tosta (Johnson) S South 9 77m Aerial Photo 375 ft. University of Southern California (USC) Resurf. 1999, 2001 (Yes) metal Adjustable Inside

McClintock entrance from Jefferson Throughout most of the year, the curb is not on the track. Apparently when the school has their own home meets, they put it down but most other outsiders are not so privledged. Finish line offset 10m. With west orientation, sprints are run reverse down the homestretch (from relay zone to relay zone due to the offset). Steeplechase finishes in opposite direction The building of this nice cozy stadium, that seats maybe a few thousand, shows the demise of track and field. Through the 1980's, meets were held in the L.A. Colliseum before crowds in the tens of thousands (I've seen pictures of 50,000 plus watching the USC vs UCLA dual meet). It is not possible to have 50,000 here, but it is not an issue because we don't have the demand to seat that many--even at a major championship meet like the PAC-10 (held here in 2003). Now with a fake grass infield Southwestern Rekortan

Rex Cawley G, Frank Wykoff GGG, Foy Draper G, Felix Sanchez G, Quincy Watts GG, Charlie Paddock GGSS, Charles Dumas G, Lennox Miller SB, Inger Miller G, Mark Crear SB, Jack Davis SS, Cliff Bourland G, Ken Carpenter G West 8 98m Aerial Photo 175 ft. Warner Pines Apartments No No Owensmouth and Erwin (Woodland Hills area) This is a weird one for me to list but remarkable that an apartment complex has a track at all. This is a small square, just over 92y (19 laps to a mile) AW surface (about the size of the tennis court next to it). That is an artificial putting green in the middle of the track. There is a sign posted saying it is 17.5 laps to a mile but I measured and it is shorter than that. This complex is surrounded by two layers of security fencing--it is amazing I got in with the camera and measuring tape.

0 98 feet Aerial Photo Washington Irving Middle School No No

Margurite Avenue south of Fletcher Drive Here's an interesting one. Its a square Fake Grass track. Effectively the outer ring of this multi-purpose field is a track orange color with lane lines. Other than seams there is no difference in texture to the rest of the field. There are white lines on the field for soccer and two baseball fields, and blue-gray (fainter) lane lines for the track (that turns in front of the backstops). There are no calibrated start lines, just a finish line near third base of the north baseball field. South 4 m Aerial photo West Adams High School 2007 No No

W. Washington and S. Vermont Adjacent to the 10 Freeway, the track is better approached from the East on 20th St. that dead ends near the stadium. 8 lanes on the sprint straight. South 8 Aerial Photo 125 ft. Lynwood

Lynwood High School August 2001 No No

Imperial Highway ! There seems to be a security guard at the school 24-7, but on my latest visit, I was not even questioned as I walked straight in. Cal Track Cal Trax IMS West 9 100m Aerial Photo 80 ft. Malibu

Malibu High School Sept. 2001 No No

Morning View opposite Ebbtide Way. 1 block up hill from Pacific Coast Highway and the famous Zuma Beach. Go in the driveway and go to the end of the parking lot. Track is east, up hill above the basketball courts. Finish line is offset 10m. Northeast 8 98m Aerial Photo Pepperdine University, Ed Stotsenberg Track Late 1980's No No

West entrance uphill off Pacific Coast Highway Before the AW surfacing, this is where they taped the early 1970's Superstars competitions. ! Entrance to campus facilities requires campus activity "Crest" card. It is easy to walk in to the track up the steep hill. Night lighting is excellent. Security does occasionally check people on the track, or maybe just me because I look too old to be a student. The outside curb is legal, which is unimportant because the inside is not, but this discounts the liability argument. Has been resurfaced but I don't have a date. West 8 100m Aerial Photo Manhattan Beach

Mira Costa High School 2003 No No

Peck St. 1 block north of Artesia There is a tenth inner jogging lane, separated from the main track only by a line made wider by yellow paint. Finish line offset 10m. The chute, cut into the hillside, is only long enought for the 100m start, so 110m hurdles finish at the end of the relay zone. See a website documenting the construction and budget at East (9) 100m Aerial Photo 150 ft. Montebello

Montebello High School 2008 No No

Madison Ave. opposite N. 19th and 20th Streets Surrounding a fake grass infield. East 8 100m Aerial Photo 210 ft. Newhall

Norwalk see Cerritos

Palos Verdes

Chadwick School 2005 No No

Hidden at the top of Academy Drive, enter from eastbound Palos Verdes Drive only 332 meters. This is a short, square track at a private school. Southeast 4 85m Aerial Photo 670 ft. Penninsula High School Feb. 2002 No No

Hawthorne Blvd. and Silver Spur Black. Yellow lane lines. ! Has barricades but didn't use them. South 9 98m Aerial Photo 950 ft. Paramount

Paramount High School 2008 No No

Madison Ave. opposite N. 19th and 20th Streets Surrounding a fake grass infield. East 8 100m Aerial Photo 80 ft. Pasadena See also San Marino, La Canada, Glendale

Mack Robinson S, Alice Brown GGS, Inger Miller G (Muir High School) Ambassador College Early 1970's No No

St. John and W. Del Mar Blvd. Once on top of the parking structure, now replaced with a fake grass soccer field. This was 6 laps to a mile, about 293 yards. Old Astroturf infield, weeds grow in the long jump pit. The surface seems incredibly thin. ! Signs indicate you should have permission to use the track at this private college, though it is not hard to hop the fence. Security does patrol the campus regularly. 7 lanes on sprint straight. Supposedly this is where Dwight Stones would train back in the day. East non-standard 6 42.5m Aerial Photo 825 ft. California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) 2005 Yes Stationary Outside

California west of Lake ! Entry frequently is controlled by an attendant--you have to enter through the gym. Check in to campus facilities requires a campus activity card. Finish line offset 10m. 8 lanes on sprint straight. Mondo East 6 100m Aerial Photo 750 ft. La Salle High School Jan. 2004 No No

E. Sierra Madre and Michilinda Rectangular track with supposed normal sized turns (like Beverly Hills). Based on the markings I calculate the length at 343.185 meters. They have done what they can to use the available space, with a runway area outside the track (where they might put future stands for football). Track surrounds a fake grass infield. Discus ring outside the track throwing to the infield, with sector lines marked on the track. Lots of lines, all well identified, to mark all the start lines and passing zones. With multiple zones for each race scattered around the track, 4x1 (yellow), 4x2 (green) and 4x4 (blue) zones have stripes to match each group. SRI West non-standard 6 90+33m Aerial Photo 860 ft. Muir High School 2009 No No

Canada Ave.and Montana Street Finish line offset 10m !Barricades Caltracks East 9 100m Aerial Photo Pasadena City College 1999 No Adjustable Inside

Del Mar Blvd. and S. Sierra Bonita Ave. 9 lanes for sprints. ! They usually keep this track locked, patrol often and have No Trespassing signs posted. Southwestern Eurotan also claimed by Tartan APS East 8 100m Aerial Photo 775 ft. Pasadena High School 2009 No No

N. Altadena Blvd and Cooley Place Finish line offset 10m Caltracks West 9 100m Aerial Photo Pomona and Claremont (see also Azusa, LaVerne and Walnut)

Bob Seagren G, Janeene Vickers B, Torri Edwards B (Pomona High School) Cal Poly Pomona Resurf. 2001 No Adjustable, Outside Temple Ave. & University Recently resurfaced because the previous (ancient) track was ruined by constant watering. I previously complained, the lane markers were badly faded apparently washed away because the track is flooded every night by sprinklers. This used to be a 7 lane track. The new track now features two sets of lane lines. 6 green lanes of NCAA width lanes on both straightaways and 8 white lanes of less than high school width lanes all the way around. Backstretch starts up the straightaway and finishes in the (old) chute that includes a portion of the old surface. There are some bad seams where a runner can see and feel the unevenness of the undersurface. While I was there, it reeked of reclaimed water and the sprinklers were running, still flooding the new track and track equipment. ! This poor track once was once labeled "Not for Public Use" I didn't see the sign this time but I still did have to jump the fence (along with six other joggers).

Chi Cheng North 6/8 97m Aerial Photo 700 ft. Claremont High School July 2002 (Yes) No N. Indian Hill, 1 block north of Foothill Blvd., Claremont I understand they will add a curb shortly, still not installed. Special marks on the track show the miles (run counter clockwise from the northwest, opposite side finish line) in lanes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 See the progression of the construction here. Fake grass infield. Southwestern Eurotan East 9 79.2m Aerial Photo 1275 ft. Claremont Mudd Scripps 1997 (Yes) metal Adjustable H (missing), Inside, slice 6th and Claremont Ave., Claremont This and Pomona Pitzer are actually less than 2 blocks apart--both are about a half block from 6th and Mills--this one north and east, Pomona is south and west. Two excellent, open tracks for two colleges that are part of one big campus. See Pomona Pitzer below. The closest unregulated parking for this track is actualy just over the fence from the other track. Steeplechase finishes reverse. The metal curb is removed out of track season and is replaced each year. previously Southwestern Martin ISS now Atlas East 9 94m Aerial Photo 1200 ft. Diamond Ranch High School 1999 No No

Diamond Ranch Drive west off Philips Ranch Road (also called Chino Hills Parkway) just south of the 60 freeway !There is a security guard posted to keep people off this public school campus West 9 100m Aerial Photo 1190 ft. Pomona Pitzer College Resurf. 2001 (Yes) metal Adjustable, Inside

4th and University, Claremont--go east on 4th until it ends, turn left into the parking lot. Track is down a long pedestrian path between the football field and baseball field. See the interactive tour of the track. ! Barricades out frequently in first two lanes.The metal curb is removed out of track season and is replaced each year. Blue. Wide turns. See Claremont Mudd Scripps above. Southwestern Martin ISS North 8 85m Aerial Photo 1190 ft. Webb School 2003 No No

School entrance on Baseline just west of Towne Ave., Claremont Track is waaaay up the hill behind the school. The inner curb raises the track. 8 lanes on the sprint straight, but no chute past the finish line, instead the extra lanes start into the turn and then stop. !This is a private school with a guard at the gate. I have located one poor picture of the track. Cal Track Rekortan S South 6 100m Aerial Photo 1450 ft. Redondo Beach

Redondo Union High School 2010 No No Vincent Street west of Prospect Avenue Surrounding a fake grass infield East 100m Aerial Photo Rialto

Rialto HIgh School

Rowland Heights

Mark Crear (Rowland High School) Alvarado Intermediate School Old Yes concrete No Desire Ave. south of Colima Road 5 narrow lanes of paved track, with a concrete curb and a fence (on the inner curb line) all the way around the track. Calibrated start lines but I have to question the accuracy of the measurements. East 5 Aerial Photo 475 ft. Rowland High School 2009 No No Otterbein Avenue and Valencia Street Surrounding a fake grass infield East 9 100m Aerial Photo

San Dimas

San Dimas High School blue

San Gabriel

Gabrielino High School 2006 No No San Gabriel Blvd. and Wells St. Hidden around back, surrounding a fake grass infield North 6 100m Aerial Photo San Marino, See Pasadena

San Marino High School 2006 No No San Gabriel Blvd. and Wells St. Hidden around back, surrounding a fake grass infield North 6 100m Aerial Photo Santa Clarita Valley

Canyon High School 2005 No No

Nadal St. west of Whites Canyon Finish line offset 10m Includes an inner jogging lane, separated by a painted line. Surrounding a fake grass infield. West (8) 100m Aerial Photo College of the Canyons Resurf. 1994 Yes metal Adjustable inside slice

Valencia Blvd. and Rockwell Canyon There is a 9th lane squeezed next to the stands on the sprint straight (marked to end at the curve edge of the chute), though it is frequently used for storage. Southeast entrance is now apparently open to the public and friendlier than in the past. There is a jogging lane inside of the curb though a couple of chunks (including the steeplechase course) were cut out for the fake grass soccer field. Had the field been constructed inside the track, it would have fit, but the field was constructed centered to the pressbox. Southwestern Martin ISS South 8 92m Aerial Photo Golden Valley High School 2007 No No

Golden Valley Rd and Robert C. Lee Finish line offset 10m Includes an inner jogging lane, separated by a painted line. Surrounding a fake grass infield. Black East (8) 100m Aerial Photo Hart High School 2005 No No

Newhall and 15th There is a ninth inner jogging lane, separated from the main track only by a line made wider by yellow paint. Surrounding a new fake grass infield. Finish line offset 10m. What logic drove the decisions here defies me. There is an extra long chute area on both ends of the home stretch, over 40m marked with dotted lines through the arc beyond the finish. No reason I can see for why the 9th lane couldn't be a competition lane. Almost no spectator seating, no night lighting. A short fence separates the outside edge of the track from a surrounding pedestrian path. The jogging lane was not a completely executed effort to reduce the amount of field turf surface area (which is more expensive than track surface). Both the high jump pad (just a square) and the horizontal jump runways are surrounded by turf, rather than track material. Other field event areas are outside the oval. North (8) 100m Aerial Photo Saugus High School 2005 No No

Bouquet Canyon Rd. and Centurion Way Surrounding a fake grass infield with an inside jogging lane. SouthEast (8) 100m Aerial Photo Valencia High School 2005 No No

Dickason Dr. and Smythe Dr. There is a ninth inner jogging lane, separated from the main track only by a line made wider by yellow paint. Surrounding a new fake grass infield. Finish line offset 10m. ! Heavily fenced if locked. North (8) 100m Aerial Photo West Ranch High School 2006 No No

Valencia Blvd. and Old Rock Road (west of the 5) and C of C There is a ninth inner jogging lane, separated from the main track only by a line made wider by yellow paint. Surrounding a new fake grass infield. Finish line offset 10m. South (8) 100m Aerial Photo Santa Monica

Santa Monica City College Resurf. 1999 No Adjustable, Inside

16th and Pearl Originally Mondo, the new resurfacing replaced the 1983 surface where the Olympic Marathon started in 1984. I haven't seen this elsewhere, the javelin runway is clearly painted across the lanes. ! has barricades, though I have never seen them in place. Seems to be open 24/7. Southwestern Rekortan South 8 84m Aerial Photo 140 ft. Santa Monica High School Resurf. 1999 No No

Pico and 4th Street Finish line offset 10m Parry O'Brien Northwest 6 106m Aerial Photo 70 ft. Saugus See Santa Clarita

South Gate

Southgate Junior High School 2000 No No

Southern Ave. & San Miguel St.-1 block west of Otis St. Square 5-lane track, with a 6th lane for sprints. There are no start or finish lines after being there for several years. The small stands seem permanent blocking outer lanes. Southwestern Eurotan No start or finish lines 5

Aerial Photo South Pasadena

South Pasadena High School .2007 No No

Meridian Ave. south of Monterey Road

Mondo South 7 100m Aerial Photo . Torrance

West Torrance High School Feb. 2004 No No

Del Amo Blvd. at Victor St., west of Anza Ave. Finish line offset 10m. East 8 100m Aerial Photo 65 ft. Valencia See Santa Clarita

Walnut see also Pomona

Mt . San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) Resurf. 1999 Yes Adjustable Inside

Temple Ave. east of Grand Ave. ! Has been locked the last several times I have passed by when there wasn't a meet going on. Steeplechase finishes in the opposite direction. This is another track, modified from imperial, with the extra lane in the first turn. Tartan APS

Bob Seagren GS, Mark Crear SB North 9 98m Aerial Photo 700 ft. Walnut High School No No Pierce and Puente A coarser surface than most and has been repaired in many places. Blue Horizontal runways on a lower level SW of stands Zaino South 9 90m Aerial Photo 725 ft. Westlake Village see also Agoura and Ventura County

Oaks Christian High School 2000 No No off Via Rocas One of the nicest (unknown) facilities I've seen but they have no 400 hurdle marks. The 110H (blue) and 100H (yellow) are marked to run in the reverse direction down the straightaway, but they have backed the start line into the finish line chute and offset each to use the last 9 hurdle marks--meaning there are two color coded finish lines at odd places near the end of the last 4x100 relay zone. ! Track is now locked and a full-time security guard patrols to keep people out. West 9 100m Aerial Photo 1020 ft. Whittier

Whittier College 2000 Yes Adjustable Inside Its a bit hard to locate this track. Around the southeast corner of the Whittier College Campus is a driveway that leads up a canyon--you'll find the track just past the baseball field. Tartan APS North 9 Aerial Photo 460 ft.

Madera County

Marin County

Mariposa County

Mendocino County

Merced County

Modoc County

Mono County

Monterey County

Napa County

Nevada County

Orange County

Aliso Viejo

Aliso Niguel High School 2007 No No Deerhurst, north of Wolverine Way, south off of Pacific Park Drive east of Alicia Parkway Surrounding a new fake grass field. South m Aerial Photo Soka University 2002 No No Wood Canyon, south or west of Aliso Creek, take the first right to the parking lot, walk to behind the gym, track is down the hill with a serpentine path leading to it. This university has yet to start incollegiate sports. They have the track but no field event facilities. A curious extended chute for about 8m past the finish line. Almost insignificant except for the fact that they went through the trouble to build it. They say it is open 24/7, check in at the friendly guard shack on your way in. Built in 2002, resurfaced in 2004 Cal Track Rekortan S Overlay East 8 100m Aerial Photo Anaheim

Servite High School No No

La Palma between Brookhurst and Euclid Here's another, I'm sorry to say, another mistake. They kept the original imperial curb in this construction--the old plates remain. The chute curb did not align perfectly with the oval curb, so the inner painted line is indented into the track. Thus the distance of the track is longer than 440 yards. The start lines show and account for these "errors". There is a half of an extra lane most of the way around the track. If they had poured a new curb they could have gotten an extra lane around the track. They also use the track for portable bleachers and fencing around their fake grass soccer field. When I saw it, only one lane (5) was free of obstacles. Shot put is thrown onto the all weather track surface--which could also be a large high jump pad. There are a couple of places that have light on the track at night. Black North Imperial+ 6 69m Aerial Photo Brea

Brea-Olinda High School No No

Wildcat Way north of E. Lambert Has a few ripples in it--as in it is not flat, particularly about 10-20 meters before the finish--they have apparently tried and failed to fix these. But then the problem seems to have been caused by them trying to run something under the track after it was constructed. I had reported they had a legal curb here, and the inner concrete curb is raised slightly, but it never comes close to the 5 cm (2") in the rule book. ! Has barricades, though I have never seen them used. North 8 98m Aerial Photo Costa Mesa

Orange Coast College 2001 Yes metal Adjustable, inside Fairview Rd., south of Baker St. (south of 405) The south turn has an extra lane, you would think from the conversion from imperial to metric. But it wasn't--they simply mismeasured and had to reconstruct a new location for the curb. A concrete inner curb raises the track for excellent drainage. ! Has barricades and uses them. Southwestern South 9 99m Aerial Photo Cypress

Cypress College Ancient No No

Orange and Holder

This track's surface is eroding away. The lines have largely worn off, several places have worn through to the pavement below and rubberized pieces of the track come off on your shoes more than any track I've been to recently. Once was 10 lanes on sprint straight (old lane lines still visible on the chute). Rubber Asphalt South, Imperial 9 100m Aerial Photo Dana Point

Dana Hills High School 2005 No No

Golden Lantern and Acapulco Drive With fake grass infield. ! Barricades block inner lanes. Cal Track Rekortan SLE North 9 100m Aerial Photo Fullerton

California State University, Fullerton No Adjustable, Outside State College and Yorba Linda The steeplechase barriers are stationary, but water is adjustable. Steeple also finishes in reverse direction. This is another place where the outside curb is legal, which is unimportant because the inside is not, but this discounts the liability argument.. East 8 86m Aerial Photo Fullerton College 1982 Yes No E. Berkeley Ave. north of Chapman I found three stationary barriers, but no water jump. Southwestern Martin ISS East 9 100m Aerial Photo Huntington Beach

Golden West College 2004 No Stationary, inside Gothard & Center Formerly on the bottom 10, this track was finally resurfaced. The old subsurface was not removed so curiously we still have some annomolies. Only 1 runway and one high jump pad were replaced, the other runways are in the same deteriorated, even overgrown condition (with a dirt javelin throw area). The adjacent pole vault runway was a roll out surface and that has not been replaced. The steeplechase is still fixed at 36" and the run up to the steeplechase is notably almost 2 feet higher than the track. From the looks of it, not only does the steeplechase ramp up hill but the track goes down hill here. There is an extra 10th lane in the south turn from the original conversion to metric. North

9 100m Aerial Photo Huntington Beach High School 1996 No No Main St. and Yorktown This track has double lane lines sprint straightaway. The narrow lanes (white=36") get them 9 lanes around the track, while the wide lanes (blue=41") are necessary for hurdles. I believe they actually have two widths of hurdles to accomodate the differing lane widths of long and short hurdles. Southwestern East 9 98m Aerial Photo Irvine

Irvine High School 2005 No No Bryan Avenue between Culver Drive and El Camino Real Southeast 9 100m Aerial Photo Concordia College 2005 No No

On its own street, Concordia Way. Off Turtle Creek east of Campus (east of Culver) and Ridgeway, south of University This is a private college with a manned security guard at the entrance. Track is on the south side of the campus with parking on the East (or on the other side of the baseball field to the west) Cal Track Rekortan S East 8 100m Aerial Photo Irvine High School No No Walnut and Yale BlackHas been completely resurfaced. In the process of adding the fake grass infield, they also removed the legal concrete curb. There are sections of the track that do not look level. Cal Tracks South 8 100m Aerial Photo University of California, Irvine (UCI) Resurf. 1999 Yes metal Adjustable, Inside University to California, left on Bridge Blue. Here's a link to the stadium's web site. The legal curb frequently seems to be missing from the east turn--it gets in the way of the High Jump and Javelin but it invalidates records set under such conditions. Southwestern Martin ISS East 8 90m Aerial Photo Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach High School 2006 No No

Shorts St./El Camino del Mar/El Bosque/Las Robles and Wilson St. all meet between Park Ave and Thalia St. With fake grass infield. Finish line offset 10m No pole vault. Low fences with public push bars keep track open to the public. West 8 100m Aerial Photo Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills High School 2007 No No Laguna Hills Drive and Paseo de Valencia, east of Alicia Parkway From the front of the school, go downhill to the farthest south portion of the parking lot. Surrounding a new fake grass field. South m Aerial Photo Mission Viejo

Capistrano Valley High School 2006 No No

Via Escolar just up the hill from Marguerite Parkway

Surrounding a fake grass infield. There is an interesting triple shot put area on the north corner. No pole vault. Cal Tracks Rekortan SLE Northeast 8 100m Aerial Photo Mission Viejo High School 2006 No No Chrisanta Dr. south of La Paz Road Finished, including a fake grass infield. Cal Tracks North 8 m Aerial Photo Saddleback College 2002 Yes Adjustable, Inside Avery Parkway east of I5 They reoriented the finish line and added the curb when they resurfaced this facility. The steeplechase barriers are stationary, even though the water jump is adjustable--caused a disaster when a women's and masters steeplechase was scheduled. ! Has barricades and diligently uses them. North 8 101m Aerial Photo Santa Margarita High School 1999 No No Plano Trabuco and Dove Canyon Blue. ! Fenced campus at this private high school, with regularly patroling guard. Finish line offset 10m See other meet photos at East 7 99m Aerial Photo Tesoro High School 2006 No No

Oso Parkway and Tesoro Creek Road Where Oso Parkway crosses the 241 Freeway, Track is on the south end of the campus Cal Tracks Rekortan SLE East 9 100m Aerial Photo Trabuco Hills High School 1999 Yes metal pipe No Cordova Rd. and Los Alisos Finish line is offset 10m. ! Barricades block inner lanes. Spectra Turf Spectratrack S East 9 100m Aerial Photo Newport Beach

Corona del Mar High School 1999 No No Eastbluff and Vista del Oro 10 lanes on sprint straight. Black East 9 100m Aerial Photo Orange

Fred Kelly G (Orange High School) El Modena High School 2005 No No

Chapman Ave. opposite James St. between Prospect St. and Esplanade St., east of the 55 freeway With fake grass infield. Finish line offset 4m Backstretch is also marked to run sprints backwards. 4x200 marked. A 10th lane is a good hurdle storage area. ! Every time I have seen this place, both the inner and outer fences have been locked. North 9 97m Aerial Photo Orange Lutheran High School 2005 No No

Santiago Blvd and Villa Vista Way, backed up against the 55 freeway This is certainly a creative track. Certainly not standard, the length is (by my calculations) 445.8m and rectangular in order to accommodate all other sports fields in the same space. The Northwest turn is wide like a normal track, the other three turns are very tight. The 400 and 4x100 do not finish at the common finish, but on the short straight past the wide turn (so they go almost 360 around corners). The straightaway races start from a common start line, to two different finish lines (or it is marked backward), and the 8 lane home stretch is obviously not flat, lane 5 appears to be the bottom of the trough. West 9 97m Aerial Photo San Clemente

San Clemente High School 2005 No No

Avenida Pico, just north of I5 With fake grass infield. ! Barricades block inner lanes. Cal Track Rekortan SLE

Jim Doering North 9 100m Aerial Photo Santa Ana

Ed Carruthers (Valley High School) Mater Dei High School 2004 No No

Bristol and Edinger With fake grass infield. No stands or space to put them. Cal Track Rekortan S East 7 100m Aerial Photo Santa Ana College (also known as Rancho Santiago College) Yes Adjustable Outside 17th and College, two lights west of Bristol North 9 100m Aerial Photo

Placer County

Plumas County

Riverside County

Sacramento County

San Benito County

San Bernardino County

San Diego County

San Francisco County



San Joaquin County

San Luis Obispo County

San Mateo County

Santa Barbara County

Santa Clara County

Santa Cruz County

Shasta County

Sierra County

Siskiyou County

Solano County

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Stanislaus County

Sutter County

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Tuolumne County

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Yolo County

Yuba County


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