Some Junior High Schools have apparently properly measured 400 meter or 440 yard facilities (based largely on my running times*) and I'll note them below.
Alondra School, Paramount
Ball Junior High School
Anaheim (wide turns)
Bell Gardens Intermediate School (wide turns)
Blackstock Middle School, Oxnard
Brookhurst Junior High School, Anaheim (400 yards but the 440 start lines are very clearly marked--it was a remarkably smooth surface as well)
Carmel Valley Middle School, San Diego (Del Mar/Torrey Pines area)
Chaminade Middle School, Chatsworth
Crescent Intermediate School, Anaheim
Eastmont Intermediate School, Montebello
Edgewood Academy, Baldwin Park
El Rancho Intermediate School, Anaheim
El Soreno Junior High School, Los Angeles
Esperanza School, Mission Viejo
Flamson Middle School, Paso Robles (paved path around football field where track used to be)
Foothills Middle School, Arcadia Frank Middle School, Oxnard
Fulton Intermediate School, Fountain Valley
Green Middle School, Oxnard
Herbert Intermediate School, San Jose
Hillside Middle School, Simi Valley
Jefferson Middle School, Oceanside
La Paz Intermediate School, Mission Viejo (wide turns)
Lincoln Middle School, Oceanside
Lincoln Middle School, Vista
Los Alisos Intermediate School, Mission Viejo
Martin Luther King Intermediate School, Oceanside
McAuliffe Middle School, Los Alamitos
Montebello Intermediate School, Montebello
Oak Middle School, Los Alamitos
Parks Middle School, Fullerton
Palos Verdes Intermediate School
Pleasant Hills Middle School, San Jose
Portola Middle School, Orange
Rancho San Joaquin Intermediate School, Irvine
Rancho Santa Margarita Intermediate School
Rodgers Junior High School, San Jose
Santiago Middle School, Orange
Serrano Intermediate School, El Toro
Shorecliffs Middle School, San Clemente
Sierra Vista Intermediate School, Irvine
South Junior High School, Anaheim
South Gate Junior High School (all weather)
Spurgeon Junior High School, Santa Ana
Sycamore Junior High School, Anaheim (wide turns)
Walker Junior High, La Palma
Washington Middle School, Pasadena
Willowbrook Middle School, Compton
Wilson Middle School, Pasadena
Woodland Park Middle School, San Marcos (square)
Yorba Middle School, Orange