Before you spend millions of dollars to construct your new stadium, before you hire a local architect who has only watched the Olympics and has no idea how a track should REALLY work, please send an e.mail to and get the help you truly need.

I have seen so many schools spend six to seven figures to build their track facilities . . . wrong. Consultants are hired regularly to guide the clueless and you end up with a great football and soccer stadium surrounded by a track frought with problems. It is my mission to stop this. You can check this site to see my body of work. I am on the USATF National Facilities Committee, am a USATF Officer and Certified Official, a California High School Starter and obviously a learned fanatic who has spend hundreds of hours analyzing the various facilities pictured here. Who better to tell them how to avoid the mistakes of the past than me.

If you are the Track Coach or interested parents, let me tell you how this works. Administrators won't listen to you, you are local, you are fanatical about getting your facility done right. You are too close to the situation. They need to hear from an outside expert to tell them what they need. So bring me in to tell them what you need, for you. I'll provide that voice. Plus, seriously, I will provide my expert guidance.

You are contemplating building one of the largest footprint solid objects around. Not only that, the specifications for its flatness and size are beyond the precision of most builders. And it is to host a sport that very few people truly understand with the intimacy that I do. You want this to be around for generations. Do it right from the start so you aren't sorry later.

For people who are not connected on-line, please have them snail mail me at:
Track Info
P.O. BOX 7793
Ventura, CA 93006

Suggestions welcome, you know we'll post what we can. Please e.mail

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