AVC Winter All Comer Meet

Sat. Jan 29 & Feb 5, 2011


Field Events

9:00 AM         LJ followed by TJ



                        JV, followed  by SP followed by DIS, followed by HAM

10:00 AM       3000SC           W

                        3000SC           M

                        4x100              W

                        4x100              M

                        1500                W

                        1500                M

                        100H               W

                        110H               M        HS

                        110H               M

                        400                  W

                        400                  M

                        100                  W

                        100                  M

                        800                  W

                        800                  M

                        300H               W

                        300H               M

                        400H               W

                        400H               M

                        200                  W

                        200                  M

                        3000                M&W

                        4x400              W

                        4x400              M


Email entries to Mark Covert at mcovert@avc.edu by Tues noon before each meet.  Entries will be taken on meet day but having entries before will allow as to get results out much faster.  Entries on meet day will close at 10:00 AM the start of the first event.


Entry Fee $5.00 pre athlete unlimited number of events.  Spectators $5.00

No spikes longer than 3/16 inch pyramid will be allowed, all shoes will be checked when entering the stadium and again on the starting line.  Spikes will be for sale at the meet for $3 a bag.

All warm ups must be done on the west soccer fields.  No bags other then spike bags will be allowed on the track.  The only drink allowed on the track will be water, there will also no food of any kind on the track.  Timing will be FAT. If needed men and women events will be combined. 


If you have any questions contact Mark Covert 722=6442